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First published - 1st October 2004

Dear Discount card holder

Welcome to our first newsletter and our new card discount scheme.

With our newsletters, our aim is to help keep you informed both with new developments within the motor trade and with services that Broadfields 2000 can offer you. Our aim is to help you have a stress free motoring experience, keeping your car on the road serviced and ready for when it's needed. Reliability is, after all, what we all want from our cars. Many of us would perhaps desire the reliability of a new car, but unfortunately for most of us that just isn't an option. Our desire here at Broadfields 2000 is to help keep you and your car on the road as happily and as cheaply as possible.

To help keep the cost of motoring down, we have introduced a new discount scheme for our valued customers. We have enclosed your personal 5% discount card. This can be used any time you come to Broadfields, whether it is for accessories, parts, servicing or repairs. We will give you 5% discount on production of this card. Unfortunately we are unable to offer this discount on parts ordered directly from the manufacturer.

Perhaps now we could give you a few seasonal reminders. Winter is fast approaching, and as you are all aware if your car is going to let you down, it will do so when it's pouring with rain or snow on a freezing cold day in winter when you need to be somewhere urgently. (Yes it's happened to me too!) To help avoid that now is the time to get a few checks done. And that’s where we can help.


*** Free Battery Checks! ***


That's right we will check your battery for free! We can then make any recommendations we feel necessary to keep you motoring. If you do need a new battery we can help you choose one that best suits your needs with as little expense as possible. We keep a wide range of batteries in stock starting from 28.00*.

Before winter really sets in it's important to check your anti-freeze. If you've topped up your radiator with water during the year then you need to check the level of anti-freeze in your coolant system. You need to make sure it will withstand the freezing temperatures of winter. We can help check your system and supply the anti-freeze. With prices for 1 litre of anti freeze starting at 2.95*, we can help you through this winter.

And if everything does fail and you do break down, then never fear Broadfields is here! Give us a call and one of our qualified mechanics can come to your aid and either get you on your way, or if it's more serious then he will arrange for you to be towed into our garage where he can complete the repairs. All at very competitive prices!

Here are a few other winter essentials: -

As most of you will be aware 4 star petrol is now phased out, so you will not be able to purchase 4 star petrol after the end of December 1999. Here at Broadfields we can offer you lead free additive for your petrol tank from 4.00*. At Broadfields our experienced staff can offer you advice on the best additive on the market. Alternatively we can supply a permanent lead free conversion kit which can be fitted by you or here in our workshop from just 50.00*.

And remember you will get 5% off all these prices listed when you show your discount card!

We hope these few reminders have been helpful to you, and we would like to wish you a very happy motoring over the next few months.

If you been coming to Broadfields for many years or if you've just found us, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your custom, and we look forward to seeing you, your car & your discount card soon.

Yours sincerely

Daniel Gurney

Daniel Gurney

On behalf of all the team at Broadfields 2000.

The local garage with a personalised touch you can trust.


P.S. Remember we are only a phone call away. For all your motoring needs call Syd or Geoff on 020 8952 7361/2 or 020 8952 7645


* All prices are subject to VAT

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