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First published - 1st December 2004

Dear Discount card holder

We hope this newsletter finds you and your car in peak condition.  It is several months since our the last letter to all our valued customers and we hope that during that time you have made excellent use of your Broadfields 2000 discount card for parts, accessories, servicing and repairs.

Summer has arrived (well, kind of!!), and many of us are trying to get our cars looking good (the sun really shows up all the dirt doesnít it!).  Well nowís a good time to polish it up, a quick T-Cut and polish will restore your car to itís showroom condition and protect it from the harsh elements we experience in this country.  We stock a wide variety of T-Cuts, shampoos, polishes, sponges and polishing (mutton) cloth all at competitive prices, and remember to show your discount card and get 5% off anything you buy.

As is also usual in the summer months, a lot of people consider travelling by car for their holidays, whether in this country, or abroad, and the last thing you need would be for your vehicle to let you down.  Book your car into our workshop at Broadfields for a service, and we would make sure your brakes and tyres are in good order, fluid levels topped up, oil and filter changed, air filter and lights checked.  We can also supply GB plates, emergency triangles, an emergency bulb kit (a legal requirement for travelling on the continent) and sun-shields, so you can enjoy a trouble free holiday.

We carry a wide range of motor oils, and at the moment we are selling 20/50 motor oil at the incredibly cheap, special price of £4.70 + vat and Castrol GTX 15/40 at £8.99 + vat.  We also have an extensive variety of everyday motor oils and specialised oils such as synthetic oils for all your motoring needs. 

You are welcome to come into our shop or telephone if you have problems with your vehicle and you need some advice.  Donít forget we are open 7 days a week (Sundays until 2.00pm) and our experienced, friendly staff will always be happy to help you.

We look forward to seeing you soon.  Happy motoring!

Yours sincerely

Daniel Gurney

On behalf of all the team at Broadfields 2000.

The local garage with a personalised touch you can trust.

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